DACOMEX Universel Key Lock for Kensington Wedge Nano slot
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DACOMEX Universel Key Lock for Kensington Wedge Nano slot

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Secure your entire computer fleet with the universal adjustable head lock for Kensington, DELL and HP

You manage a heterogeneous fleet of laptops, you want to secure each device with an anti-theft device without going into detail about the brand or the type of notch available on the laptop. Universal adjustable head lock is your best choice!

DELL notebooks and Ultrabooks are equipped with the new Noble Wedge mini notch
(3.2 x 4.5mm), the new HP Nano has an even smaller notch (2.5 x 6mm) than the classic K-Lock type notches (7 x 3 mm) can no longer be used.

The new anti-theft device with adjustable head is also equipped with a security key lock with the PASS option and its 2 meter steel cord, it allows you to attach your computer to a fixed anchor point (foot of table, post, etc.)

Using a simple flat screwdriver select position 1 to adjust the head to the dimensions of the Noble Edge slots, position 2 for the Nano slots or position 3 for all the other K-Lock type slots

More product:
- Fits most laptop anti-theft slots
- Push-to-Lock locking, the key is only used for unlocking
- Thin anti-theft device, suitable for UltraBooks
- Differentiated lock delivered with a set of 2 security keys
- PASS option: Compatible with the PASS master key

- Dimension of the anti-theft lock: Diam. 12mm - long 26mm
- Notch type rotary selector:
# position #1: Wedge anti-theft notch 3.2 x 4.5mm (DELL type)
# position #2: Nano anti-theft notch 2.5 x 6 mm (HP Nano and Samsung type)
# position #3: standard 3 x 7 mm anti-theft slot (Kensington type)
- Steel cable diam 4mm made up of 6 metal strands
- Crimped loop to attach to a desk leg - Diam. max anchorage 36mm
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